Friday, May 27, 2011

Beaded Helm Weave

After completing the Dragonscale bracelet, I had extra 20g Sterling Silver and Enameled Copper in Red rings left. As luck would have it, I discovered that the simple, but elegant Helm Weave could be made with 20g rings of the exact same inner diameters! What luck!!! So, I set to work on the weave, but I decided to vary the monotony of the pattern by adding Sterling Silver beads to the single, large rings. It gives the necklace a beautiful drape and adds a touch of beauty to an already lovely chain maille design. I'm not the first person to think of adding beads to chain maille, but I think I can make many variations on this theme in the future.


  1. This is absolutely lovely! Did I miss this on MWW? And, thank you for visiting my blog! I also did a bit of bead weaving before discovering chainmaille. Glad to find fellow beaders:-) Your work is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Daisy! I am over on MWW and have dabbled with some more beaded maille. I am still a beader and now getting into wire weaving...just can't seem to settle on a medium, but I LOVE chain mailling! I have started to combine maille with wire weaving, so I'll see where that takes me. Loved looking through your blog. Your use of color is inspiring!!!

  3. Lovely! Helm Weave is one of my favorite weaves, and I love how it looks with beads.

    I love finding out that other beaders to chain maille too! It's the perfect combination.

  4. Thank you Saturday Sequins! I love the combination of beads and chain maille. It is a perfect marriage :D I also love wire weave and chain maille. I really need to update my blog. I have some Viper Basket pieces that use all three techniques!


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