Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First Blog-EVER!

I have just dipped my toe in the blogging waters. I haven't quite figured out the intricacies of blogging yet, so bear with me as I navigate through. My site is called Inner Muse Jewelry Designs because I wanted to let my 'inner muse' out after spending years in the science/technology arena. I make and sell handcrafted jewelry items and accessories using a variety of techniques and resources. I've been beading for about 3 years now, having taught myself bead crochet. I don't recommend starting out your beading endeavors with this technique unless you enjoy pulling your hair out:o) I managed to stick with it until I finally mastered the basics and have since moved on to various other beading techniques. The photo on the right is one of the first bracelet designs I made using bead crochet. I combined the spiral bead crochet tube with a beautiful lampwork bead by Jane Buelow of Breezeway beads. Whenever I'm not beading, I feel like I'm missing out, so off I go to work on one of my jewelry designs!