Monday, March 28, 2011

Ootheca Cuff: Berry Colorway

This project was inspired by Rachel Nelson-Smith's design from her vivacious and inventive book, "Seed Bead Fusion." I chose a colorway with a ripe berry theme, since the 'bumps' reminded me of luscious raspberries and blackberries. This particular design is beautifully conceived, however, the execution is a bit of a challenge. Thousands of seed beads are required to construct this cuff and while the finished piece is well worth the time and effort put forth, let's just say I've been weaving this baby for quite some time now and I've still got a ways to go! In the first stages of the design, two 6x29 unit bases are created in Right Angle Weave (RAW). Then bumps are added to the base at every other unit. The two units are then sewn together (this is where I'm at as I type). My next step is to embellish the cuff with 3mm Swarovski bicones and then add a clasp and safety chain. I'll update as I make progress with these final touches.

I've gotten the two halves sewn together! Now for the embellishing phase...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Freeform Wire Wrapped Paramecium Cuff Bracelet

I have finally taken the plunge and have begun to learn the art of sculpting wire into shaped forms. My first attempt, while primitive, was a blast to make from beginning to end! I used a base of 12 ga aluminum wire and wrapped with various lengths of 22 ga craft wire in silver and red and finished with wire wrapped red coral beads. I really didn't have a master plan when I began my project (not something I'd recommend for a newb). I did have a vague idea of a general shape for the base, so I made a highly detailed sketch of that to help me get started (ok...note to self: in the future, maybe a little more detail).

Then I started bending and wrapping the wire and added the beaded detail when I ran out of space. I think it kind of looks like a unicellular organism or a multi-toed space alien with red nail polish. I'll let you decide :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dragon Droppings

Not the most alluring title for a blog post, but it is fitting! I was teaching myself Turkish Round Maille weave and had been fumbling around using a visual diagram that just wasn't clicking in 3-D for me. So, I started and stopped numerous times using rings of various diameters and gauges. Observing the mess of little mistakes on my work table, it reminded me of something a dragon might spit up/excrete after devouring a Knight in Shining Armor. In this case, some very shiny and colorful Niobium armor. I decided to scrap the chain tutorial and search for another that would be compatible with my topographic vision of the weave. Voile! I found a tutorial that allowed me to create a Tapered Turkish Round Maille Necklace in Pastel Niobium! Chew on that Dragon :D