Sunday, March 20, 2011

Freeform Wire Wrapped Paramecium Cuff Bracelet

I have finally taken the plunge and have begun to learn the art of sculpting wire into shaped forms. My first attempt, while primitive, was a blast to make from beginning to end! I used a base of 12 ga aluminum wire and wrapped with various lengths of 22 ga craft wire in silver and red and finished with wire wrapped red coral beads. I really didn't have a master plan when I began my project (not something I'd recommend for a newb). I did have a vague idea of a general shape for the base, so I made a highly detailed sketch of that to help me get started (ok...note to self: in the future, maybe a little more detail).

Then I started bending and wrapping the wire and added the beaded detail when I ran out of space. I think it kind of looks like a unicellular organism or a multi-toed space alien with red nail polish. I'll let you decide :D

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  1. People tell me the heavy ga aluminum is the best.... so You started with great materials. Thanks for sharing... Looks great...

    Linda Spears


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