Friday, March 18, 2011

Dragon Droppings

Not the most alluring title for a blog post, but it is fitting! I was teaching myself Turkish Round Maille weave and had been fumbling around using a visual diagram that just wasn't clicking in 3-D for me. So, I started and stopped numerous times using rings of various diameters and gauges. Observing the mess of little mistakes on my work table, it reminded me of something a dragon might spit up/excrete after devouring a Knight in Shining Armor. In this case, some very shiny and colorful Niobium armor. I decided to scrap the chain tutorial and search for another that would be compatible with my topographic vision of the weave. Voile! I found a tutorial that allowed me to create a Tapered Turkish Round Maille Necklace in Pastel Niobium! Chew on that Dragon :D

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