Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Splendid Procession" Blog Hop Challenge

Come one! Come all! You have joined in the Allegory Gallery "Splendid Procession" Blog Hop Challenge!! Andrew Thornton has assembled a beautiful design kit using the rich colors of the gemstone Tourmaline. Tourmaline is one of my favorites, right up there with Labradorite, and is known as the "Gemstone of the Rainbow" due to its array of colors.

My personal favorite is "Watermelon Tourmaline," so named for obvious reasons.

The bead kit for this challenge contained an eye-catching mix of seed beads, Czech/German glass, tourmaline gemstone chips, Irish waxed linen and large, Lucite flower.
The mystery component, created by Andrew himself, was a lovely butterfly wing made from polymer clay.
Here are my design contributions for this month's challenge using the alluring components that Andrew assembled! First, I made a necklace using the Lucite flower as a focal combined with the leafy Czech glass beads. I envisioned one of the flowers in my backyard for my inspiration, the tropical Hibiscus.

Next, I used the delicate butterfly wing as a focal in an organic necklace embellished with pressed glass leaf and Swarovski bicone dangles. The tourmaline gemstone chips composed part of the chain.

Finally, I made a triad of complementary earrings to mix and match with the necklaces.

That is all I have for the this blog hop...but wait! There's more!!!! Please visit the blogs of the other blog hop participants and show some love or visit Andrew Thornton's blog " The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton." And stay tuned to this same bat channel for the next installment of the Allegory Gallery Blog Hop Challenge.
The following participants' contributions can be found on Andrew's blog:
Visit these blogs for individual posts:
Happy travels!


  1. Both necklaces are gorgeous! I especially love the seed bead accent to the flower pendant. Super cute!

  2. What a great necklace. I just love how you highlighted the wing.

  3. Your pieces are great. I loved this kit, and it's fun to see so many people using that lucite flower. I love that! But your wing necklace is my favorite. Really lovely!

  4. I am soo excited to see a 'new to me' way to use the tiny chips! I love how that necklace turned out! It's 'faerie' beautiful !! Your earrings are lovely, I like to wear long dangly ones just like those!

  5. Wonderful pieces! I agree, tourmaline is just such a fun stone to work with and they worked so nicely with Andrew's butterfly pendant. You made some very pretty earrings too! I always have a thing for earrings and I am happy when people include them in their challenge designs.

  6. What a lovely array of designs! Fantastic job! I love the little seed bead tassel coming out of the lucite flower. It's almost like a stamen! The earrings are so sweet! They look so wearable and lovely. I bet they catch points of light and really frame the face nicely! Great job as always! Thank you so much for participating!


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