Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Frenzied Motion Blog Hop Challenge

Well, better late than never! I am almost a week late on the reveal for Andrew Thornton's Allegory Gallery Design Challenge. My computer has decided to divorce me so am posting from my hubby's computer. I am just happy that my photos were retrievable and I can show my contributions for this really awesome design challenge. My apologies for the quality of the photos...I don't have a photo editor at this time.

As you can see from the teaser photo, the colors in Andrew's design kits were absolutely gorgeous. A blend of turquoise, purple, lavender, fuchsia and pinks. I dove right in with much enthusiasm! The first thing I did was sort through and find gemstones, crystals and beads to pair together to make layered necklaces. Here are two using the pink/fuchsia and amethyst/purple palette.

Here are two more using fuchsia/pink/gray and another using the purple/grays.

Finally, I made a long chain and gemstone necklace with a pendant with crystal dangles in turquoise/blues.

I used the bead blend to make a freeform peyote/netted bracelet to coordinate with the necklaces.

I really liked the look of the labradorite crystal, so I used the hex cut beads and seed beads and suspended it from a vintage brass chain.

That is all I have for this challenge, but I look forward to the next reveal! You can find the other participants' contributions by going to Andrew's blog: The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton!


  1. Yay I'm so glad you finally made it! I'm sorry about your computer :(
    Your pictures are great without editing! I love the turquoise necklace with the dangles, it's my favorite of the bunch. I am jealous of your seed bead stitches in the last necklace with the tiny blue seed beads, wait maybe that one's my favorite now! Great job!

  2. You made quite a few lovelies for this challenge! I love layered necklaces and yours all all nice. I like the variety of colors. The bracelet is beautiful. I love freeform peyote, and this will go with everything. I really liked those point beads as well, and you've highlighted yours in a really lovely way.

  3. What fun! All of your creations are fabulous! I particularly love how you can swap them out and layer them in different combinations for varying effects! Nicely done! Thank you for participating and no worries about being tardy! Life happens and this is supposed to be fun and low-stress! So no worries! :-) Once again... beautiful creations!


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