Thursday, October 30, 2014

Midnight Magic Blog Hop Challenge

This month's theme for the Blog Hop Challenge is "Midnight Magic." The blog hop is hosted by Andrew Thornton, Creative Director of Allegory Gallery. Each month a new design kit is assembled containing bead mixes and a Mystery Component designed by Andrew. The Midnight Magic kit contained the following items:

After I carefully placed all the goodies on my bead mat...

...okay I admit to being a messy beader!!!

I started with the Mystery Component, the polymer clay star seen in the upper right corner of the above photo. I decided to make a knotted necklace with the waxed Irish linen provided in the kit and some of the metallic beads and amber glass beads. I actually busted out and dusted off my pearl knotter for this piece.

My next design used some black chain and various components from the kit. I chose and asymmetrical lay out and simple loops to attach to the chain. I made it clasp-free so it slips on easily.
After surveying the kit, I decided to make a herringbone-style bracelet with the hex beads, orange fire-polished beads and black charlottes. The Herringbone technique is based on stacks of beads and this variation is a fun way to use similar-sized beads.

Next, I made a pair of "Claws and Scales Dragon" earrings from the black claw-shaped beads and scale sequins.

Finally, I had to use the black porcelain skull, so I made a Freeform Peyote necklace and balanced the skull from the center.

That is all I have for this Blog Hop Challenge. I will post the other participants shortly, so that you can hop from blog to blog. Enjoy!




  1. My, oh, my! You made quite a lot of pretty things! All so creative and different! I love the texture of the knotted necklace! I can totally see the black chain necklace worn alone or layered with some of the other creations; it has that nice, casual elegance. The bracelet is stunning. I love all the scaly texture created by the herringbone stitch! The earrings are lots of fun! This challenge really brought out the earring-makers and it has been really interesting to see all the different permutations. And I'm smitten with your free-form peyote piece. It's so Halloween! I love it! Great job as always! Keep up the good work! And thanks again for participating!

  2. Happy Halloween! Wow great job, you really brought it! Freeform never ceases to amaze me, love your necklace!

  3. Holy smokes!!! You are super talented!!! Nice work. Your free form peyote piece is gorgeous. And I love the Herringbone bracelet too. Ok- I'm not going to lie, I'm loving every piece! Wow!!!!

  4. What beautiful designs! I really like that first necklace. It is so light and airy yet fits the season so well.

  5. Awesome designs! You were a busy beader for this challenge and everything is wonderful!

  6. Love, love, love all your pieces. Both necklaces are wonderful. That first one is especially beautiful for any time!


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